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Jumpstart Your Career: The Graduate Recordings

You're about to graduate or you're still fairly new in your career. Need help finding a career path, how to brand yourself, or network? This course is for you!


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What You'll Get:

  • nearly 3 hours of class recordings;
  • guides and resources to find a career path;
  • recommendations to update your resume and Linkedin profile;
  • key strategies to improve the visibility of your Linkedin profile;
  • networking tips to reach target companies and hiring managers online and off.

Amanda E., Recruitment & Social Media Marketing at MVRG | Enthusiastic MBA Candidate

Having recently signed up for her graduate teleseminar, I am blown away by the simple steps Bianca gives to begin my job search journey. Her clarity exercise helped me find great entry level options that connected to my overall career goals. Prior to the exercise, I was unsure of what direction to take in my field and dissatisfied by the boring results I found. Bianca was also available to answer questions I had about her lessons and even used my scenario as a case study for her next lesson!! To me, that's unheard of! She gave me specific pointers about my LinkedIn, which increased my weekly search stats two-fold once incorporated. It was very humbling to receive feedback in this way. When you work with someone who LOVES what they do, and that happens to be building others up, how can you go wrong in selecting their services!

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